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Firepro are at the forefront of technology in the fire protection industry. Based in Dublin we are servicing clients throughout Ireland and abroad. We are approved installers and applicators of the industry’s leading passive fire protection systems.

With a wealth of experience in specifying, installing and maintaining fire protection systems in some of the largest building projects in the world Firpro is a proven industry leader. The fire protection industry is continually evolving new systems and technologies. Many of these are aimed at improving the performance of compartmentation in buildings. We at Firepro ensure we keep pace with the latest developments so we can best serve and advise our present and future clients.

We assist our clients in meeting legal obligations (e.g. insurance criteria) in providing a safe environment for their employees and visitors in their buildings, and protecting valuable stock and assets. We fully understand the challenges created by modern buildings that include air-conditioning systems, communications networks, and high-specification electrical installations. We ensure fire compartments are maintained with the wide range of cables, pipes and air-handling ducts that need to pass through walls and floors.

Firepro are the specialist partner you need to effectively manage fire Risk, Control, Assurance and Compliance. Contact us today and we will gladly work out the most competitive way of solving your fire protection requirements.

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Firepro is fully compliant and up to date with relevant passive fire protection authorities, certification and training organisations: ASFP, FIRAS and BCAR. We also operate the Boris system during installation. See our Compliance page for full details.

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland (ASFPI) was established in 2011 to support those responsible for legislation, specification, inspection and installation of passive fire protection throughout Ireland. ASFPI offers a structured and professional approach to passive fire protection. They work with Government and industry alike to improve the knowledge base of all involved in the manufacture, approval, specification, installation and management of passive fire protection.
FIRAS is voluntary, third party certification for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems. Operated by Warrington Certification, and accredited by UKAS to EN45011. Once certificated, all FIRAS Registered Installer Companies are subject to on-going random inspection of their installation work. This occurs on on-going contracts along with an annual audit of their office systems by FIRAS Inspectors to ensure that compliance with FIRAS Scheme Requirements is maintained.
BCAR are government Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014. Under the Regulations an assigned certifier is required to inspect, coordinate inspections and certify the building or works on completion. The Assigned Certifier must be a Chartered Engineer, Registered Architect or a Registered Building Surveyor. The Assigned Certifier does not have to be a member of the design team. We are fully compliant with BCAR requirements.
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We have fully implemented the Boris software app for site installations. Using Boris our technicians can record and log installations in real time. Boris allows us to carry out remote quality inspections from our office by reviewing the GPS tagged installation images attached to the seal records.
 Boris uses online storage to provide a single point of storage for all of your seal and site specific information. This includes quality checks, H&S information and Hand Overs. This information is accessible via our website. Clients are issued with a secure password to review the data, avoiding needless paperwork.

CIRI (Construction Industry Register Ireland) = Consumer Confidence in Construction Competence CIRI is an official online register supported by Government, of competent builders, contractors, specialist sub contractors and tradespersons who undertake to carry out construction works.

Its objective is to be recognised as the primary online resource used by consumers in the public and private procurement of construction services.

CIF is the Irish construction industry’s representative body. All stakeholders recognise the CIF as the voice for construction because each sector and region are represented.

The CIF successfully shapes policy for its members and focuses on:

– Public capital spending programmes
– Public sector procurement contracts, policies and procedures
– Ensuring regulation is smart, targeted and effective
– Improving access to finance for SMEs
– Ensuring there are adequate skills to support growth
– Enhancing the reputation of sector

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